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    - 7/06 - Ellen Melton is currently in "At Long Last Studios" laying down tracks for her 
             sophomore release.  The title has not been decided on as of yet, but the music 
             should appeal to anyone who loves CCM. 

    - 6/25 - Perfect Flaw, Brad's son's band, is presently in "At Long Last Studios" recording 
             a new song with their new drummer, Wes Melton.  The song, "Without You", may be 
             included as a bonus track on the re-release of their EP "Beautiful Again."  We 
             hope to be able to offer the original disk as a CD-r on this site soon. Keep 
             your eye on the "Store" section of this site.

    - 5/20 - The band is continuing their work on their next project.  While the studio is tied
             up with other projects, Brad is putting more demos together for the band to learn. 
             The band should be able to get back to work in the studio in the middle of July.

    - 4/05 - "CPR: Volume 1" is now available by clicking the "Store" button to the left.  It is
             available in the U.S. for $16.00, with $2.25 s/h, and includes 18 songs on 2 CD's.  
             We hope you will enjoy it.  Also, check out the "Links" page.  We have links to 
             every artist that is on the CPR disks, as well as the CPR website.

    - 4/03 - The "CPR: Volume 1" CD's have finally arrived.  We will have ordering information up
             on the "Store" page, hopefully, by Monday.  We may be a little prejudiced, but the 
             songs sound excellent.  If you like ProgRock, or just like creative music, you must
             give this a listen.

    - 3/27 - Shadowstar is currently in the studio, working on the beginnings of their first full-
             length CD project, tentatively titled "The Fire Within."  Watch this site for details
             as they become available. 

    - 3/22 - Shadowstar will have a song on the upcoming "CPR:Volume 1" collection.  The CD will 
             be a gathering of Christian Prog artists, and will feature music from Kerry Livgren,
             Neal Morse, Salem Hill, Glass Hammer, Ajalon, America Gomorrah, and MANY others.
             The Double CD is due to be released April 1, 2004.  Watch this site for details. 

    - 3/18 - The website is finally started.  Several pages are still under construction, 
             but please feel free to look around.  I will try to get more pages up as I have time.


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